INITIATIVE FOR ESTABLISHING A NETWORK of historical and cultural reserves, open-air museums, archaeologists, archaeologist-experimenters, interpreters and re-enactors.

The Support Ukraine Network (SUN) is an international, voluntary initiative to support, develop, and provide mentorship and resources for Ukrainian open-air museums, experimental archaeologists, ancient craft experts and living history interpreters.

SUN was established in October 2022 as a response to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which has led to obvious challenges for the cultural heritage sector.

Yarema Ivantsiv, leader of NGO Chorna Galych and representative of a network of Ukrainian cultural heritage professionals, established SUN in collaboration with EXARC (Cultural exchange network focused on ancient technology, experimental archaeology, interpretation/education and museum practice) and the YEAR Centre (York Experimental Archaeology Research Centre, York University, UK), to initiate and facilitate capacity-building within the Ukrainian cultural heritage sector.

Many open-air museums and cultural centres have struggled to maintain operations. However, in areas less directly affected by the conflict, these institutions are open and active, and experiencing a renewed interest from visitors.

Cultural heritage centres can be expected to increase in importance as focal points for Ukrainian society, as people seek to connect with their history and cultural identity in the future. Likewise, when international travel returns to Ukraine, museums and heritage centres that enable visitors to experience aspects of Ukrainian culture will play an important role in bolstering the economy.

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