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On-line presentation by Yarema Ivantsiv at the Pedagogical University of TNPU.

Yarema Ivantsiv gave an online presentation entitled "From the experience of using experimental archeology in historical reconstructions". Organizers: Community of TNPU archaeology students, Union of Archaeologists of Ukraine, Department of Archeology of Early Slavs at the Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Department of History, Archeology and Historical Sciences at TNPU and NGO Chorna Galych.


Ancient shipping and ship-building.

The international scientific and practical seminar entitled "Ancient shipping and shipbuilding: issues of research, reconstruction and possibilities of use for the development of tourism", which was held on 16-17/09/2023, at the Park of Historical Reconstruction "Ostvytsia" (Rivne).

Festival of prehistoric and ancient culture in Kshemyonka reserve (PL)

NGO Chorna Galych and the representative of the historical and cultural reserve, Trypilska culture. "III Ostrowiecki Festiwal Kultury Prehistorycznej i Anticznej", Muzeum Archeologiczne i Rezerwat KRZEMIONKI, Poland. 12-13/8/2023.

Living History Days at Kernave, Lithuania.

With participation from the NGO Chorna Galych and representatives of the historical and cultural reserve Davniy Halych, in order to establish contacts with foreign colleagues.

"Gyvosios archeologijos dienos Kernavėje XXIII" Kernavės archeolīne vietovė, Lithuania. Presentation of medieval Ukrainian culture. 6-9/07/2023. 

Online meeting concerning maritime archaeology and ship-reconstruction.

Online meeting of researchers, masters of Ukrainian historical shipbuilding and external experts, with participation from Park of Historical Reconstruction "Ostvytsia", National historical and cultural reserve "Khortytsia", Director of EXARC and researchers and boatbuilders from the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark. 16/06/2023 

Second online meeting of directors.

Online meeting with museum directors and leading specialists from historical and cultural reserves. With participation from Ukraine, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Poland. 18/06/2023

Second installment in interview series, ’Heritage in times of war’

Interview series "Activities of historical and cultural reserves, archaeologists, reenactors and the role of culture during the war" for the international magazine EXARC, part 2.

Craftsman’s Yard.

National historical and cultural reserve "Davniy Halych", Halych, Ivano-Frankivsk region.


Presentation of the SUN initiative at the EAC 13 conference.

Presentation of the SUN initiative at EXARC’s bi-annual experimental archaeology conference, EAC 13. Presentation of historical and cultural reserves "Davnii Plisnesk", "TuStan", "Davnii Halych", "Trypil culture" and the first in-person meeting of the SUN team with a round table discussion. Nicolaus Copernicus Institute, Toruń, Poland. 01-03/05/2023. 

Серія інтерв'ю "Культура під-час війни". Частина 1.

Серія інтерв’ю “Діяльність історико-культурних заповідників, археологів, реконструкторів та роль культури під-час війни” для міжнародного часопису EXARC частина 1.

International Scientific and Practical Conference "Living History and Experimental Archeology".

The international scientific and practical conference "Living history and experimental archeology" was held at Kamianets-Podilskyi historical and cultural reserves, 23-24/03/2023.


Podcast "Here comes the SUN".

Conversation for students: Dr. Aimee Little (York University, UK) and Yarema Ivantsiv (NGO Chorna Galych, UA).

Creating an initiative: online meeting