In August 2023, within the framework of the SUN initiative, a very interesting and informative trip was made to the Krzemionki Reserve (Poland). The purpose of the trip was to establish international relations between open-air museums and exchange experiences.


On the Ukrainian side, the representative of the museum was the director of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve "Trypil Culture" Wladyslav Chabanjuk

Andrzej Przychodni, director of the reserve, welcomed us. Krzemionki is a UNESCO site that includes a complex of Neolithic flint mines. It has a modern museum with a beautiful exposition. More information at the link.


At the event itself, of which we were participants.

Tripoli ceramics were presented, grain was ground on a grain grater, and bread was prepared. It turned out good flour and edible bread. Moreover, we did not have much experience in this matter.

In the process of getting to know other residents of the museum, they mastered fire making and flint processing for the Mesolithic period.

They also became participants in an interesting event. Namely, a visual demonstration of time periods with the participation of reenactors. From the Paleolithic to the Iron Age. Visitors could see what people of different eras looked like.

And the location of the Rapax legion group was large-scale and very interesting. In the camp you could feel the era and see in detail how the Roman legion lived.

We hope to have the opportunity to visit Krzemionki more than once.

We thank Vladyslav Chabanyuk for the company, cooperation on very interesting lectures on the history of Trypilly.

We build bridges between museums and tell the history of Ukraine to the European community!